Saturday, 4 October 2014

Travel | Trek America Countdown #1

Today marks 8 months until I head off for my trek around America with Trek America. I've decided that I want to make a little monthly series showing all you guys what I've been doing each month in preparation for this massive trip that I'm taking as well as offering advice and tips for anyone else who maybe thinking of taking/booking a trip like this. So this is what September trip planning looked like for me.

So this last month I have been sitting down and working through my money situation. Erugh it sucks being a grown up sometimes. I've had to work out all my outgoings as well as cut down on all the luxuries that I've become used to buying at a drop off a hat. Let's just say at the moment I'm stuggling, however I did manage to say no to going to Thorpe Park for Fright Night this year. Days and nights out have become limited and Netflix is now my saviour (this may mean I finally get to the end of Breaking Bad and Dexter at some point.) I also sat down and worked out how much spending money I realistically will need for my trek as I don't want to leave it to the last few months I go saving all my wages in order to have enough to do all aspects of the trip I want to take part in.

It's safe to say I have now probably read every single blog post and watched every single video on YouTube about Trek America. My go to girl has been Victoria from In The Frow; she has been on Trek America twice so has lots of different blog posts and videos that I have found extremely useful as well as making me well and truly too excited for June. I've also trailed through the tips that Trek America send you when you book with them and wrote down in my notebook all the things I need to do before going; such as insurance, sim card and airport transfers.

As you will all know I do work full time in the big ol' smoke, London and nearly everyone in my office has heard about my trip next year. I've been asked numerous times what I want to do work wise because of going away for over a month. At the moment it's still pretty undecided I know that I do want to leave and not have to take my time off as paid holiday, however what I want to do when I return is another question. I have so many big things happening towards the end of 2015 that I need to ensure I have the money for them so getting a job ASAP when I come back is essential. Whether this be coming back to my current job who knows? It's still an ongoing thought process.

Finding Other Trekkers
Trek America offers a forum that you can sign up to when you book on one of their trips. Through this I have actually managed to find someone who is doing the same trek as me! Yay! We've chatted a little bit about how excited we are and what we are most looking forward to; it's been really nice to get to know someone who I will be spending so much time with next year and puts my mind at ease a little. I'm looking forward to when it's just 6 weeks before the trek when your trek group opens and you can find out who else will be on this adventure with you.

I've also made a pinterest board of all the places I will be visiting over the trek and this has not helped the excitment at all! It's made it worse. All the places look stunning and I can't wait to experience them hands on. You can me a little follow on pinterest also if you wish.

And that is what I've been doing this last month in preparation for my Coast to Coast trip of the South Coast of America.

Just another 242 days to go...

Have you got any tips for travelling?
Let me know in the comments.

Until Next Time...

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