Wednesday, 15 October 2014

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For those of you who don't know I work full time Monday to Friday in Central London, my job is pretty stressful at times meaning when I get home I love to be able to just switch off and relax. Today's post is all about my evening routine and how I wind down after a stressful day at work.

Okay so as soon as I get in I am usually starving hungry and moaning at my mum whats for dinner. Yes I'm a lucky 26 year old who still gets the majority of my dinners cooked for me and they are usually ready when I get in. (And you wonder why I don't want to move out?) Dinner's in our house are usually something relatively healthy, a lot of the time it's chicken or fish with salad, jacket potatoes or veg. However this night it was a pasta bake.

After dinner I generally tend to have a bath or a shower if I need to wash my hair, most weeknights however it's a bath. I tend to love nothing more than running a really hot bath and using a night time bath scent to help relax and ease me. My favourite being Soap & Glory's Bath Soak as it's specifically for aiding a good night's sleep (this is crucial when you suffer with GAD) and also makes amazing bubbles. Before getting into the bath I will give my face a clean with my current skincare routine (more on that next week)

After this my PJs are donned, my candles are lit and I settle down to catch up on YouTube videos from the past 24 hours. There is nothing more that will cheer me up and relax me than watching a daily vlog from The Shaytards and The Saccone Jolys. I will also tend to make myself a cup of tea, especially as the nights are getting colder; or if I'm feeling super crazy it will be a hot chocolate. Yes I live on the wild side of life that's for sure. I will then spend some time editing some new blog posts or my latest YouTube video, as well as responding to emails and getting in contact with the #LDNBloggerMeetUp Team.

Usually by this time it's creeping closer to around 10pm, I find that by giving myself a bedtime even though I am an adult is good for helping my sleep pattern and getting a full nights sleep. Candle's out, curtains drawn and time to get under the duvet. I will usually put on a film, generally one off Netflix, currently favourites are Stepmom, Clueless and Forrest Gump. Then it's flick through Twitter and Instagram time, which I usually fall asleep doing.

And that is how I wind down in the evenings as well as my general evening routine.

What your evening routine? Do you have any tips or tricks for winding down after a long day?
Let me know in the comments.

Until Next Time...

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