Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Lifestyle | Juggling Full Time Work Whilst Blogging

I get asked quite a lot how I manage to juggle everything I do. I work full time in Central London, Monday to Friday; I also run this blog and my YouTube channel as well as trying to maintain a social life. It can take up a lot of my time, however I wouldn't change any of it. I really enjoying having my own little corner on the Internet.

For me it is all about staying organised. To do lists, diaries and calendars are what help me stay on top of everything. The note section on my iPhone is where I keep my to do lists and all my ideas for new blog posts and videos. You have to be realistic with how much you can post, if you can't post new content everyday then don't, this your space and you can post however much you want on here. I've only started posting everyday this month as I've slowly found my niche on here and how I want this little blog to develop.

I also highly recommend going on Pinterest and downloading some blog calendars and to do lists - there is so many on there - I find writing down my posts for the week and what needs to be photographed really helps. You can also write on here if you've got any evenings out etc so you know when you're going to be busy. This way you know what time you have for you and your blog.

The big thing is reaching out on social media in order to gain new readers and keep your old ones coming back. Obviously I can't be on Twitter all day when I'm at work, this is where Hootsuite really comes in handy, you can schedule tweets during the day at certain times so you're still publishing your blog. I will generally do this each day on the train on my way to work.

The one thing I also love to do is dedicate one full day at the weekend to writing blog posts, photographing products and filming videos. This way I know I can utilise the whole day to my advantage, for me this is usually a Sunday. It's the best way to get over the Sunday blues! Bulk photography is your friend, you've got your post titles for the next week or month. Then take all the photos you need for them in one day, this is what takes the longest! Especially as the dark nights are here, you need to use the daylight as much as you can. This means I then have the whole week to focus on work as well as have the evenings to myself and join in twitter chats.

Also scheduling blog posts on blogger or wordpress is, for me, a life saver. I can still have my schedule of when I post going ahead whilst I'm getting ready for a night out or doing some overtime at work. Then with having Hootsuite I can schedule a tweet for when the post is going live to keep my readers in the loop.

That is basically how I stay on top of blogging whilst working...the key is being organised and then you can get it covered. But don't stress yourself out, it's your blog and your space. You can do whatever you want!

How do you cope blogging and working? Do you have any top tips?
Let me know in the comments.

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