Saturday, 18 October 2014

Lifestyle | The Cold Survival Guide

If you follow me on Twitter you will know that the last few days I've been bogged down with a cold. This couldn't come at worst time for me as my mum is currently on holiday meaning I have to look after myself and my nan. I've decided to put together my survival guide for getting through a cold.

Keep your fluid intake up, I tend to have a bottle of Lucozade as well as water. This is because it helps give me a bit of energy, especially when I'm stuck at work for 9 hours.

Yes unfortunately sometimes you have to rely on medicine to help get you better as frustrating as that can be. For me I've been taking some simple cold and flu tablets as well using some olbas oil and vapour rub to help me breathe as I've been so blocked up and some throat spray to help numb my sore throat.

Netflix is like a saviour when your sick, you can watch a feel good film or indulge in a series binge. For me I've decided to finally watch Ru Paul's Drag Race, this has made being sick a tiny bit better as the show is OTT and brilliant. I love me some drag queens.

Comfy PJs
You will spend a lot of time in your pjs when your sick so make sure you put your comfy ones on. I tend to get hot flushes when I've got a cold so I usually opt for a baggy pj tee with a pair of boxer briefs and fluffy socks. That way when I do get a bit chilly I can fully snuggle up in my duvet.

And that is my survival guide for getting through a cold.

Have you got any tips for getting through a cold?
Let me know in the comments.

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