Wednesday, 1 October 2014

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I was recently tagged by the lovely Laura to do The Blogger Tag. I love a good ol' tag post now and again as they are super duper quick and also give you more of an insight in to the person behind the blog!

So let's get started on the questions!

What is your favourite beauty product?
At the moment I have been loving using my By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Frozen Quartz eyeshadow stick. I love just applying this when I'm in a rush all over my eyelid and under my waterline, it's super quick and makes me feel a tad bit more put together.
If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
America!! Hands down! (insert high ten emoji here) And I'm actually saving for at the moment to do this next year, you can read more about my trip here. I love all things American and serious can't wait to experience the culture hands on all whilst camping!

What is your all time favourite brand?
McBusted & One Direction! I've actually been lucky enough to see both of these bands play live this year and they were both awesome! I've actually got vlogs up on my YouTube Channel of both the concerts if you fancy having a little look.

Do you collect anything?
At the moment I'm collecting £2 coins in a bid to save some extra pennies for America. However other than that I would say it's mostly make up I collect! Serious horder!

Early bird or night owl?
Definately a night owl, don't get me wrong I love getting up early and being productive. However I'm not the most happiest in the mornings if I haven't had a solid 6 hours sleep. I find that I get a lot more things done in the evenings when I set my mind to it, that is.

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Tea or coffee?
I actually love both. I go through stages when all I fancy is cups of tea but then I have my moments when there's nothing better than a big pot of coffee to get me through a morning at work.

Whats your favourite TV show?
My all time favourite TV show has to be The OC, this show brings back so many great memories of secondary school and sixth form. Oh the tears when Marissa died to the beautiful singing of Jeff Buckley's Halleujah.
However at the moment I'm loving Revenge and have just started watching this on Netflix as well as Orange is the New Black.

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If you could travel to any era, when would it be?
1920s all over! The fashion, the make up, the music and the dancing; I just love it all! If any of you have seen Chicago or The Great Gatsby you will know what I mean. Take me to one of Gatsby's parties and I will be one happy lady!

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And that is all the questions!
I hope you enjoyed my answers and that you got to know me maybe a tiny little bit better before.

I now tag Chloe, Hannah & Emily. So get answering those questions girls.

Until Next Time...

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