Thursday, 16 October 2014

Beauty | Zoella Beauty Review

In her 6 years of blogging and youtube Zoe Sugg aka Zoella has gone from being just you're average teenage girl to one of the most influential role models that young teens look up today. I myself as a 20 something also find her truly inspirational. Something that started as a hobby has now fully turned into a dream she probably never even thought off. A book is due for release later this tear, as well as her own app, over 5 million subscribers just on her main channel and appearing in this month's Vogue magazine. Zoe was the first blogger and youtuber I stumbled across one evening during a tough period in my life. An Instagram picture of her and brother popped up on my instagram popular page, I clicked (due to thinking her brother was a bit of alright) and began trawling through her pictures, next thing I know 6 hours later I've watched about 20 of her videos as well as Tanya Burr, Louise Pentland and Tyler Oakley. Oh the power of youtube was strong that night on me. This is when I became hooked on what I like to call 'Zoella Fever'

It's safe to say the blogging and YouTube community went a little cray cray when Zoe revealed she was launching her own beauty range. With bath fizzers, body lotions, candles, make up bags, a bath soak and body mist flying of the shelves in Superdrug and selling out online with Feel Unique, I myself felt I needed to see what the hype was. I was extremely lucky that I was able to grab the two items that interested me the most the day the products where released from Feel Unique. The pink guinea pig make up bag and Soap Opera, the bath soak and shower gel.

The compliments I've received regarding the make up bag have been so funny, my mum absolutely loves it (even though she hates animals) and once when on my desk at work I was asked why the hell does my make up bag have a guinea pig wearing glasses on it? I however love it! It's a perfect size for fitting in make up brushes something I've often struggled with, as well as the material being of a plastic/pvc style making it super easy to wipe down if you end up getting make up on it. I also love the rose gold detailing on the zip. I've said it before but anything with rose gold is a winner in my books. I'm currently extremely tempted to pick up the other make up bag Zoe has on sale of the mint green colour with her eyes printed on one side.

The bath soak & shower gel combo, otherwise know as Soap Opera, is also a winner for me. It's a super fresh fragrance as well as it creates a tonne of bubbles with just a small amount. The first time I used it, I went crazy and ended up with the bath nearly overflowing with bubbles. The great thing as well is that it also leaves your skin feeling super soft and smelling delicious. I kind of regret not picking up the body lotion as well now to follow up with after my bath.

The whole range can be purchased for just under £50 which I think is great and so accessible for Zoe's target audience. The packaging as well for the whole range sums Zoe up completely, with her distinctive logo as well as the cute pastel colours you just know she had input from start to finish. This is definitely a selling point for me as it shows she has just sold her name to a company and said create what you want and stick my name on it to make money. It shows Zoe cares for her fan base and for herself as a brand. I can only see the future getting bigger and brighter for Miss Sugg, especially with the coveted release of Girl Online soon also.

Have you tried any of Zoella Beauty products? What's your favourite?
Let me know in the comments.

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