Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Beauty | Make Up Revolution Autumn Lips

With Autumn finally here I decided I need to up my lip game with some Autumn/Winter lip colours. Now as I'm currently saving for my Trek America trip I wanted to purchase good quality lip shades that didn't break the balance. I've only ever heard good things about Make Up Revolution so they were my go to brand to find the perfect shades for this time of year.

So I basically got all 5 of these lipsticks for £7.98 not including delivery! What a bargain! I wore Maria on Saturday and the staying power was just incredible, it also was extremely matte which I love. Also Rebel With A Cause is defo a dupe for MAC's Rebel, so if you are looking for something over half the price of MAC's then I highly recommend purchasing Make Up Revolution's Rebel With A Cause.

I can't wait to try on the other lipshades and see how they compare to the Super Wow Maria Stick. I also can't wait to work them into my Autumn/Winter make up routines.

What are you favourite Autumn/Winter lip shades? Have you tried any of Make Up Revolution's products?
Let me know in the comments.

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