Thursday, 9 October 2014

Beauty | How I Wash My Make Up Brushes

It's that horrid chore that we all hate doing, especially if you have quite a few make up brushes like myself. However I have found the answer to make it super quick (well quicker than before) and still getting the ultimate clean for your brushes. It's the Make Up Revolution Pro Hygiene Anti Bacterial Brush Cleaner, this has made life super quick and easy for me.

So what else do I need for cleaning my brushes, the answer is simple. A tea towl and some paper towels/kitchen roll. I prefer using kitchen roll over toilet roll as it's thicker meaning the paper doesn't fall apart when giving the brushes their wash.

The Anti Bacterial Brush Cleaner is so easy to use, you literally spray a few pumps directly onto the bristles of your make up brush. Be careful not to spray when the brush joins with the handle as this may make the glue fade meaning your brush will fall apart. Make sure you also don't over spray your make up brush as this will make it harder to dry as well as it loosing it's quality.

So you now need to take a bit of kitchen roll and then literally mover your brush in circular motions, being a tiny bit heavy handed but not so much that the brush will loose its shape. You will see product slowly coming off the brush and onto the kitchen roll. Keep scrubbing until there is no product coming off onto the kitchen roll.

Once you've worked your way through your brushes, you just need to lay them flat in a warmish place on top of your tea towel and let them dry. Make sure you put the brushes back into their shape also so they dry in the correct shape. I tend to let them dry overnight, that way I know they are super dry and okay for being used the next time I'm applying my make up.

The Make Up Revolution Brush Cleaner is amazing and because it's anti bacterial you know your brushes are getting the good clean that they need. I do try and clean my brushes every other week as like your face they need looking after to stop you getting breakouts as well as applying your make up in the best way possible. This brush cleaner is only £5 also which is a super duper bargain and is also a huge bottle which will last you for a good few months.

How do you clean your brushes? Any top tips?
Let me know in the comments.

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