Monday, 1 September 2014

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You may remember me saying before that I've been suffering with really bad breakouts of late over my chin etc. I know that spots around this area tend to be hormonal but the spots/blemishes seemed to be constant and never shifting.

Now I'm a big believer in skincare so I do take my make up properly at night with my Clarins cleanser and toner as well as using my Origins Ginzing moisturiser, I also do this in the mornings. However nothing seemed to be ever shifting these dreaded blemishes that like to dance around on my chin.

The guys over at b.Liv heard about my struggle to rid my blemishes and where kind enough to send me over their range of acne/blemishes treatments to see if they will help banish them for good. Included in my little box of goodies was Kick Spots Out, an intensive treatment mask, No Spots Bye Dots, a blemish cleansing gel and Spots Got Shot, an anti-blemish serum.

b.Liv promise that you will see a difference in 14 days of using the products and if not you'll get your money back. Yes I'd heard that line millions of time and had fallen hook, line and sinker for all differnet kinds of products that claimed this. But for once with b.Liv I actually noticed a difference within a couple of days of using No Spots Bye Dots as a cleanser in the morning and then a dab of Spots Got Shot over any nasty under the skin blemishes.

b.Liv not only over products for blemishes/spots but also have a whole range of skincare products covering all problems for your skin such as blackheads, dehydration and more, as well as an eye care range to help brighten up your eyes and any bags you think you may have.

You will have to wait a few days for your products to be shipped if you live in Europe as b.Liv are based in the USA, however if you do spend over $40 your delivery is free no matter where you are!

Have you tried b.Liv? What are your top tips for helping banish blemishes?
Let me know in the comments.

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