Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Lifestyle | What I Got For My Birthday

Hi Everyone,
I know I've been lacking on the blogging front lately but I was so busy celebrating my birthday in Newcastle, you can find out more here about my weekend away, and then I got thrown in the deep end at work which has taken up a lot of time.
But I'm back and now hopefully on track.
I know a few of you have been asking what I actually got for my birthday so I thought I would show you all in this little post.

Birthday Presents

NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadow in Himalia
This eyeshadow is just beautiful and I'm in love, its a topaz/rose gold colour and just blends beautifully. This eyeshadow can also be applied wet, which is amazing. I also got the special NARS wet eyeshadow brush with it as it dries out quickly when applying the shadow wet.

My work colleagues bought me a bottle of malibu which was consumed pretty much by the end of the weekend away.

Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set
I have been wanting this set of make up brushes for what feels like forever. The rose gold is just amazing and the brushes are so soft. I've only started using the brushes this week as I didn't want to get the dirty as they look to pretty on my dressing table.

Blonde Hair
So a few weeks ago I realised I was bored of my red hair and was longing for my blonde locks to be back. Of course dying your hair blonde after being so many shades of reds is long, tedious and costly. So my mum kindly said she would pay for it. I've still got a tinge of red in my hair so have booked back into my hairdressers in 4 weeks time in order to get another lot of bleach put on to rid the red colour completely.

By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Frozen Quartz
I had only heard good things about this eyeshadow and I just knew it needed to be purchased. I had received a £15 Space NK voucher from my best friend at work so that was kindly put towards it as well as some Ndulge points I had racked up. I only actually received this yesterday so have only swatched it once and I love the colour and it seems really long lasting, so I can't wait to try this properly over the weekend.

Driving Lessons
No I didn't get the film Driving Lessons with Rupert Grint, I actually got real driving lessons. My 6 best friends all clubbed together and bought me a set of driving lessons. I'm the only one out of us all that doesn't know how to drive, which is shameful especially as I'm the eldest one also. I'm really excited to learn how to drive and have already started revising my theory test questions as I'm eager to pass as quickly as possible.

And that is all what I got for my birthday! I did get the usual money etc from other people but I felt like these 6 presents were the main ones that I loved.

Have you tried any of the presents I got? Would you like any of these for your birthday?
Let me know in the comments.

Until Next Time...

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