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It's day 2 of festival week and today I'm giving you a little insight into what I will be packing to take with me to V Festival this weekend. I am going for the whole weekend camping at Hylands Park in Chelmsford, this is my 4th year going now so I do consider myself to be somewhat of a pro.

The week before the festival I will start deciding on what outfits I will be taking with me. I also have a scout through magazines and blogs to see what the latest festival trends are, so I know what kind of looks I should be rocking. Generally I will take 5 outfits for over the four days as it's always nice to have a spare. I'm not going to show my outifts I've picked out for this year just yet as I'm planning on doing an OOTD post of all my outifts for you next week. But here's a little sneak peek at what I'm packing!

After I've decided my outfits it's time to write up a list of all the essentials that you will need. Below is a snapshot of my list of all the things I will be taking with me.

Once you've got your list and you've gathered all your items that you need, now comes the hard task of deciding what bag to put it all in. with festivals you need to remember that you can't just park your car right next to your pitch like you generally can at a camping site. This means carrying everything, tent, clothes,shoes, food, alcohol etc. And for a little lady like me its heavy. So I opt for a holdall with wheels to drag across the grass, my one has just enough room to fit all my clothes etc in as well as a few camping essentials like my pillow and sleeping bag.

Now as a big beauty lover, now comes the hard task of condensing all my make up. I try not to take anything too expensive as obviously my make up will be left in the tent which means 1. It may melt and 2. It may get stolen (luckily this has never happened to me *touch wood*) I will be taking 3 of the Make Up Revolutions palletes as they are a bargain at £6 each as well as having a big mirror in each of them. Perfect for doing my make up in the mornings. All of my make up will be placed in one of these lovely clear toilettrie bags from Boots which are great as you can see what is actually in them. I will also be taking one for my hair stuff and then another for other beauty essentials (make up wipes, deodorant etc) You can check out my Beauty Must Haves here.

Cover & Conceal Palette in Light-Medium
Blush & Highlight Palette in Sugar & Spice
Eyeshadow Palette in Dias des los Muertos

The key really for packing for a weekend festival is not to over pack! Something I fail at always, I'm trying really hard this year to only take what I need as it makes things so much easier, especially when you are living in a confined space with no showers etc. So instead of one pair of trainers, a pair of wellies and a pair of boots I've based my outfits all around my chelsea boots as if it's muddy they'll survive and they will also look bang on trend.
Also do make sure you've got all your electrical supplies sorted, I'll be taking this portable charger with me as well as an extra camera battery and memory card. This charger is great and will give you at least one and a half charges out of the lipstick sized charger.

Image Source

I hope this has helped you a little with what and how to pack for a weekend festival. I will be vlogging the weekend at V Festival so will be sharing that on my YouTube Channel next week (hopefully, depending on the amount of footage I get and how quick I can edit)

What are your key items to pack for camping at a festival? Let me know in the comments

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