Thursday, 14 August 2014

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Hey All,

Hope you are having a good week, the weekend is in sight now! Hurrah! Well actually for me I'm now off work until Tuesday, yay!

So today's Festival Week post is all about Festival Top Tips! You may have seen on twitter over the past week that I asked for your best tips for going to a festival and these are my favourites.

Bee - Fill My Little World
"Take Bin bags (a million and one uses when camping!) and under no circumstances forget wellies!"

Zo - Zoe Lianne
"Take plenty of sunscreen, pain killers and baby wipes!"

Jess - Jess McGuire
"Wet wipes and wellies are a must!"

Hollie - Holliedays
"Babywipes and a hand sanitiser (or two) are a must"

Claire - G is for Gingers
"Take a water bottle and snacks and don't arrive to late to the campsite"

Jules - Lippy Likes
"Dry shampoo, baby wipes, sun block & wellies"

Aine - Aine Beauty
"other than don't bring an expensive tent or anything of value."

Holly - Holly's Beauty Box
"Yes, never forget hand sanitizer"

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That's your top tips and these are my top 5.

  1. Plan your outfits - this will stop you overpacking. Meaning your bag won't be as heavy and you won't be complaining when walking the million miles from the car to the campsite.
  2. Don't take your expensive make up that you will cry over if it gets damaged/stolen. Unfortunately tents don't have locks like our front doors so don't be taking that YSL foundation that you've just bought and hardly used cause if someone decides to pay your tent a visit you'll be crying if that's taken.
  3. Start saving plastic bottles a good few weeks before for decantering your alcohol. Most festivals dont allow glass bottles into the campsites so you will need to transfer that vodka or cider over into a plastic bottle to bring it in.
  4. Don't be afraid of getting a little dirty - it's going to happen and there is nothing you can do to stop it. This is when the baby wipes come in handy to give yourself a littl ewet wipe shower.
  5. Be prepared for very little sleep. The sun comes up early meaning the tent is like an oven and is extremely bright, you may think its around 9am when in fact it's 6am. Also you will get woken up during the night by people falling over your tent lines as they are often drunk and can't see where they are going. This is when the berocca and pro plus come in handy.
So those are my festival top tips! There's a guest post coming up tomorrow with a make up look for you all so make sure to stay tuned for that. I will be back on Monday after my weekend at V Festival, with a brand new YouTube video for you so hit that bloglovin' button over on the right handside to stay up to date with everything.

Have you got any last minute top festival tips for me?
Let me know in the comments.

Until Next Time...
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