Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Beauty | #ProjectBareAll

Hi All,

So you may have seen on Twitter or Instagram lately the #projectbareall , this great idea was started up by Megan from Thumbelina Lillie. It's all about feeling confident without make up.

I am so guilty of wearing make up all the time, I think this may have started due to dancing from a young age. For shows, competitions and exams I was putting on make up from the age of four. The appeal of having bright red lips and amazing eyeshadow just made me feel like a little princess.

Out of all of my friends I'm the one who will spend ages applying my make up, the one they come to for advice regarding the best foundation or mascara out there. Just I love my make up, but at times it is a shield to hide behind.

I shouldn't but I always feel ugly and half ready without make up. I can see all my blemishes and uneven skintone and just think why would anyone think that I'm pretty? However after reading Megan's #projectbareall I now realise that I need to feel confident I need to be happy within myself.
This will take time but the more we all come to realise that make up is the key to being confident then maybe we can finally be happy all round as a person. There are many things I would love to change about my face, like my double chin, the spots that always seems to linger around my chin and for my nose to be a tiny bit smaller. Make always proves to be a great way to hide all these flaws but in reality I should actually be embracing them! So here's me embracing all my flaws with my #projectbareall selfie.

Big well done to Megan for highlighting this problem that a lot of girls are facing nowadays due to the constant airbrushing in magazines and celebrity idolisation that happens. I now know that in order to feel happy I need to start on the inside in order to be happy with how I look on the outside.

So here's to being comfortable in your own skin, make up free!

Have you taken part in #projectbareall yet? Post a photo on instagram or twitter using #projectbareall . Let's spread the word of this great campaign.

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