Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Beauty | Festival Must Haves

Hi Lovelies,

The Festival season is well and truly upon and it makes me soooooo excited. Nothing is better than camping in a field with a few of your best friends, dancing away to some of your favourite artists whilst the sun sets.

However as I love my make up and my hair products the thought of being without a shower for a few days can sometimes put the fear of god in me. Throughout my four years of being a festival goer I've now learnt what is key for any beauty junkie to carry to get them through the weekend. So I'm going show you what my top must haves are for heading off to the festivals.

Batiste Dry Shampoo
Dry shampoo is every festival girl's best friend, when it comes to Saturday/Sunday your hair is going to need a bit of a refresh. I've always opted for the Coconut and Exotic scent by Batiste, I find this is perfect for a little lift in your hair to stop it looking greasy as well as giving some extra volume into the roots. It also smells really nice which is an extra bonus.

Mitchum Deodrant
Deodrant is a must have! After all you will need to try and keep yourself feeling fresh when you can't have a shower. I find Mitchum deodrant to be the best in business. It smells good and it lasts all day, which is essential after chucking some shapes in a sweaty tent.

Baby Wipes
Essential for that necessary quick freshen up in the morning, they just help you feel a tad bit cleaner. They also work great for cleaning up any spillages in your tent or when you get a tad to merry for taking your make up off.

Concealer - Benefit Boi-ing
I don't know what I would do without this concealer! Benefit's Boi-ing is industrial strength stuff and will help keep those bags under your eyes hidden away (well what you can you expect with only a few hours sleep) It's also a really handy size so you can pop in your bumbag or rucksack for top ups on the go.

Eyeliner - Bourjois Mega Liner
I'm an eyeliner fiend and this Mega Liner by Bourjois in Dark Black is amazing! It glides on and stays on, exactly what you need all day when you are at festival. I find this easy to apply especially when doing winged eyeliner, which of course you need at least one day over the festival period.

As simple as it seems, people often forget a mirror! You can just pick up a small stand up on in a pound shop and if it breaks at least you haven't broke the bank. It's always a lot better then struggling with those small mirrors you get in your compacts.

And those are my Festival Must Haves I will be taking with my when I hit V Festival next month.
Are you going to any festivals this year, or have you been already? What will you be taking as your beauty must haves? Let me know in the comments.

Until Next Time...

*Photos of products sourced from Google

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