Wednesday, 21 May 2014

What I've Been Up To Wednesday's #2

Hi everyone,

I'm back with the second installment of What I've Been Up To Wednesday's. This week I've actually been super duper busy which has led to me not even having any time to write up any posts or edit any videos! So let's get stuck in to what I've been doing.

Like every other day the majority of the day was spent at work. However in the evening I met up with my friend Emma and we had a girl date, which consisted of Nandos followed by cinema. We decided to go and see Bad Neighbours for the main reason of a semi naked Zac Efron. The film was actually quite funny and I did actually laugh out loud quite a few times, especially the part with the airbags and the baby milk! Go see it if you haven't yet, especially if you like staring at Zac Efron's chest.

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Today was a boring day! It consisted of work, going home and catching up on all my YouTube videos and then an early night. What a cray cray night!

The sun came out to play today and boy was everyone in an extremely good mood. After a day of work I headed off to Carnaby street to meet the girls for a few after work drinks at Zebranos (with 50% off until 9pm, how could I say no) It was such a fun night and was great to let our hair down after a long week at work.

I woke up with a tiny hangover, nothing however that two paracetamol and a pint of water could solve. Saturday started off great as I weighed myself and had lost 4 pounds!!! I could hardly believe it as I had been out to dinner and for drinks that week. This made me in an extremely good mood. The afternoon/evening was spent at surprise 16th Birthday party with all my girlies and favourite people. It was such a lovely day and everyone was in such a good mood. We also watched Arsenal win the FA Cup which was brilliant as a being raised as an Arsenal supporter it meant a happy family after 9 years of no silverware.

Once again I woke up a little bleary eyed after the night before, however the sun was beaming so I knew I couldn't simply spend the day in bed. I went with my mum down to our local golf club for a pimms on the patio and my friends Amie and Stacey also came and joined us for a bit, to soak up some sun. I spent the rest of my afternoon in the garden sunbathing, which has now led me to sport a t shirt tan! Sexy, I know! Of course the BBQ got fired up which was a lovely treat and then I spent my night in bed watching the Baftas which was jsut what I needed after two nights out in a row.

Erugh the dreaded M word! Nothing truly exciting happened other then realising that my heel had a really deep crack/cut on it. But hey what you can expect from Mondays? I did however start watching Breaking Bad again!

Slight improvement on Monday with a really intense gym session with my work friend Danielle and then a nice relaxed evening! I took some photos for a new blog post about how to get your legs summer ready which went live last night, as well as watching Eastenders. I also got a lovely parcel from The Body Shop and I'm so excited to try out the Banana shampoo and conditioner you wouldn't believe.

And that was this week! Pretty boring apart from the weekend but it was all go go go trying to make the most out of the sunshine.

Let me know what you've all been up to this week in the comments, I love seeing what you've all been doing.

Until Next Time...

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