Wednesday, 14 May 2014

What I've Been Up To Wednesdays #1

Hi Everyone,

So if you follow me on twitter you will have seen that I'm trying to start a new series to keep all you lovely lot entertained.
I've decided to go with What I've Been Up To Wednesdays. This basically is going to do what it says on the tin. Every Wednesday at 8pm you'll be getting a new lifestyle post from me detailing what I've been up to that week. From boring mundane tasks to the exciting nights out, all alongside pictures from my iPhone.

So let's get on with the first one.

So my Wednesday started off as usual. Long day at work, gym and home. I did upload a video on my YouTube. It's a little vlog of my afternoon tea with my Mum at The Sanderson Hotel. I suggest you all go and watch it. You can go watch it here which I suggest you do! And also don't forget to subscribe!

Thursday saw another day of work! Yawn! But yay to team work drinks afterwards as our team has currently expanded. We headed off to All Bar One, which I love due to the atmosphere and great food. It was also my manager's birthday so a few shots were consumed. Bit cheeky for a Thursday evening.

Friday was pretty chilled for once! After work I came home to a lovely dinner, one of my faves! Spaghetti and meatballs. I quickly filmed my next YouTube video which is a tag video, that should be up on Friday! I also decided that I was going to bite the bullet and put myself forward for one of the Cosmo Blog Awards; in particular Next's Newcomer. You can find out more details how to vote for me by clicking here! Please if you like my blog even just a smidge give it a little nominate.

Saturday I was up early and by early I mean half 6! I was off to watch the Rugby 7s at Twickenham with a few of my friends. It was fancy dress and the theme was monsters; so we had spent the last few days panicking as what we had originally ordered didn't turn up. However all was solved and I must say a massive well done to Nicola and Chantelle for coming up with the costume and all the bits. We were lucky enough to get our faces professionally face painted which I think helped even more. Overall the day was amazing, I've got a small vlog coming up next week so you can see exactly what it was like. Even though I have no idea about rugby the atmosphere was amazing and everyone was in such good spirits.

After all the drink that was consumed on Saturday, Sunday was spent having a good old lazy day. I woke up late, lounged in my pjs until about 1pm and then decided to order dominos as a little hangover treat. Oh boy it was good! Perfect end to a semi busy weekend.

And then it was the dreaded Monday once again. I turned up to work to find someone had phoned in sick on my team and with the two other girls who I work alongside with left me and one other person running the show. To say my day wasn't stressful would be a lie, however I love days like that. I thrive under pressure and find that the day goes so much quicker. Due to my stressful day, I thought why not treat myself? So I did to this little beauty, which is currently winging its way to me from Matalan. You can pick this up here for only just £18.

And that brings us to yesterday. For the first time ever I actually got up super early and went to the gym before work!! I know! I was even shocked, more so that I didn't fall asleep whilst doing my sit ups. However disaster then struck when I was getting changed into my work clothes when I realised I had not brought any tight with me! Day ruined, especially with the weather. I then spent the afternoon at the Citizen M Hotel for some training with work. I then had another disaster on the way home with the strap on my handbag snapping whilst walking home. I was so happy to finally get home and hide away from any more potential disasters. My day was instantly made better to see that Harry Potter was on the TV! Woo! For those that don't know me, I love Harry Potter. You can read about that here, its a pretty good post if I can say!

And that's pretty much been my week! I hope you guys like this sort of post, I'm hoping to continue this series for a while. If any of you want to join then please do, give me a little tweet of your post when it is up and I'll make sure I'll retweet it! That's a promise!

Let me know how your week has been in the comments? Been anywhere exciting? Or just simply stayed indoors? I'd love to know.

Until Next Time...

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