Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Lifestyle | What I've Been Up To Wednesday #3

Hi Everyone,

I'm back with another instalment of my weekly comings and goings.
I hope you all enjoyed your bank holiday weekend, even though it was a bit of a washout.
So I'm just going to get stuck right in to what's been happening with me this week.

Another mundane day in my life. Got up, went to work, went to the gym, came home and watch Harry Potter! That was truly exciting watching Harry Potter on a Wednesday night especially as it was the penultimate film in the series.

Of course my same old daily routine, however I got to finish work early today as I had a check up with my doctors regarding how I was getting on with my anti-depressants. He was quite happy with how my body has responded to them and glad that I was seeing an improvement in myself. As i got out of work early I used my time wisely and edited my new YouTube video, What's In My Handbag, go have a little look if you haven't already. I also watched Harry Potter again as the last film was on TV, it always makes me cry at the end, so emotional.

Friday couldn't come any quicker!! I was desperate to get out of work for two reasons. 1. It was bank holiday weekend and 2. I was having Fish and Chips from the chip shop for dinner! After being strict all week going the gym 5 days and eating healthy I was too excited to get some greasy carbs in me. Also I got tweeted by Jonathan Joly from The Saccone-Jolys, which even made my day more exciting!!! If you don't know who The Saccone-Jolys are they are an Irish family who do daily vlogs on YouTube, I love their channel so much as their kids and dogs are so cute!

A Saturday morning lay in was essential as I had been on earlys all week at work. After dragging myself out of bed and making myself a Kale & Kiwi smoothie with my Slender Blend from Protein World, I was off to The Emirates Stadium to see one of my chums Amie take part in a charity football tournament. It was such a fun day with a few others of my bestest friends and was really nice to be given access to the stadium on a non game day.

Ingredients needed for my Breakfast Smoothie

Selfie outside the Emirates

Having a little spy on the players car park.
Sunday was a funday! As it was bank holiday my best friends Stacey & Ad decided to host a Bank Holiday BBQ which involved a lot of alcohol and beer pong, which is now an annual event among us. The sun did make a tiny appearance which was lovely. I'm planning on doing a longer blog post about this for you very soon so stay tuned. But here are some photos to keep you going.

The day started a bit hazy, nothing though that a bacon sarnie and a glass of coke couldn't sort out. As my sister and her boyfriend were over we had a bit of family time and went down to the golf club for a little drink and a catch up. The rest of the afternoon was spent with my mum sorting through all our holiday clothes as we are both away at the same time this year and usually share some bits. We were still moaning we had nothing to wear after sifting through piles of clothes.

Yesterday was a struggle that's for sure. The bank holiday had left me for dead and all I could think about was snuggling up in my bed, even when I was in the gym I was finding it hard to keep my normal pace up. However I was happy when I managed to run straight for 7 minutes on the treadmill which is a record for me so far.

And that has been my week. Lots of exciting stuff over the bank holiday and then just bog standard working week really.
I hope you guys are enjoying this little series, I'm think I may keep this going over the summer as I'm enjoying documenting my life.

What did you get up to over the bank holiday weekend? Let me know in the comments.

Until Next Time...

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