Monday, 5 May 2014

Blog Makeover!

Howdy everyone,

Sorry that I've been absent for a while, I've had a few personal issues that I may delve into with a post soon!
But I'm back as you can see my blog has had a makeover!!

I'm so in love with this and want to say a BIG thank you to Ana over at Peaches & Cream Designs for re designing my blog! As you can see she has done a fantastic job and I would highly recommend her to anyone thinking of having a blog redesign, especially if you want to make an investment! So go check out some of her work if your thinking of a makeover!

I've also started working more on my YouTube channel, my April favourites has just gone up, so I would love it if any of you want to head over there and subscribe or give the video a thumbs up!

I'm hoping to get more back into my blog now that the redesign is finished, I've got a few ideas up my sleeve that will hopefully start to bring in some more readers as well!

Let me know what you think of my little makeover in the comments and if there's anything you want to see me feature on the blog or on my YouTube let me know!!

Until next time...

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