Sunday, 13 April 2014

The 90s Tag - YouTube Video

Hey Everyone,

So I've finally posted another YouTube video, this time its a tag video with Lauren from

We talk about everything that reminds us of our childhood! From Furby to Spice Girls to SM:TV live.
Head over to my YouTube to watch and make sure to subscribe if you haven't yet.
Lola's Little Wonders, give the video a big thumbs up and make sure you leave a comment about what you loved about the 90s if you are a 90s kid!

We also filmed a video on Lauren's channel which is the Blindfolded Make Up Challenge, safe to say Lauren looked beautiful by the time I had finished!

I'm hoping to get a few more videos up but bare with me, as my laptop doesn't like editing at the moment! So BIG THANKS to Lauren who edited this video for me last minute as I was crying into my dinner last night in despair!

Let me know in the comments what videos you would like to see me film!
Until next time...
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