Sunday, 16 March 2014

BooTea Tea-tox

Hello all,
Hope you're all having a lovely weekend and have been enjoying the sunshine,
now that its finally here!

With the sun now shining, its time to start thinking of those summer holidays and getting beach body ready.
I've got 12 weeks until my holiday and need to start getting my butt in gear to loose that 2 stone I'm desperately trying to loose before stepping on that plane.

I do eat healthily, however I'm a sucker for chocolate or cake.
Wave them in front of me and I'll do anything for a piece.
The only exercise that I'm currently doing at the moment also walking half my way to and from work everyday and some crunches in the evening.
However I've only seemed to have lost around 4lbs so far, which I know I shouldn't complain about but it's not good enough for me personally.

So when I stumbled across the BooTea Tea Tox on Twitter, which helps loose weight whilst detoxing your body of the bad toxins I was ready to find out more.
So I headed over to their website to find out what they do and how it works.

BooTea is basically a herbal natural tea that comes in a daytime cleanse and a night time cleanse. 
The daytime cleanse is taken every day, first thing when you wake up. All you need to do is add hot water and let the teabag infuse for 3 minutes before drinking. The daytime tea will help increase your metabolism, covert food into energy that will burn fat and calories as well as suppressing your appetite. 
The night time cleanse is taken every other night in the same way, this then helps cleanse out your digestive system as well as prevent excess calories being stored as fat! The night time one does apparently make you need to be near a toilet ten hour after drinking, but this is obviously to flush you out of the bad stuff!

After reading all the info on the BooTea site I was sold.
I decided to try the 14 day teatox for £19.99, which I think for a detox is quite a good price.
They do offer a 28 day teatox also for £37.99 (is currently on offer at £34.99) but I'm going to see how I go with the 14 day detox first. If it works then maybe just before going away I will do the 28 day just to shift those extra few pounds.

Of course you do have to make some sacrifices on the teatox.
This means form yesterday I'm not touching alcohol or meat.
I have also given up white carbs and caffeine for lent so this will probably help also with an extra bit of weight loss.
BooTea do offer an eating plan also that I'm going to try and stick to, this does allow you to have breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as two snacks during the day; I can also have a square of dark chocolate if I'm getting those chocolate cravings!
I've currently printed the eating plan out and have stuck it to my fridge so I know what exactly I'm going to eat. 

Yesterday was day one of the TeaTox and I planned to keep you guys informed of how I'm doing over the next 2 weeks. 
Yesterday I felt a lot more energized just after one cup, so I'm excited to see how this goes!

Have you tried BooTea?
What are your thoughts on detoxes?
Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time...

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