Sunday, 23 March 2014

Bootea Detox - Week One Update

Howdy All,
Hope you've had a super week and weekend!
I've been slaving away at work this week so couldn't wait for a weekend of catching up on blogs and my TV shows.
So I've just completed week one of the BooTea teatox and I've really been enjoying it.
The eating plan is really good and I've been venturing out of my comfort zone a little trying new healthy foods.
I love that you have some kind of structure so you know what is good and bad regarding the teatox itself.
I've been busy in the kitchen making Chinese style prawn stir fry, pasta with tuna and pesto, salad topped with mackrel; its actually really made me enjoy the teatox even more.

The daytime cleanse has actually been really refreshing in the mornings, but I have still been having my usual cup of green tea once I get to work also just to push away any hunger pangs I may be getting.
The bedtime cleanse is my favourite, the taste is perfect for just before bed time. It's a little peppermint which is calming and relaxing; just what I need after a stressful day in the office.
However the next morning after the bedtime tea, lets just say the toilet becomes my best friend.
Too much information I know, but you guys need to know!
I know this is what the cleanse is meant to do but sometimes at work when you need to go it's not the best opportunity.

I also joined the gym at the beginning of this week and have been hitting it a little hardcore.
(Before work and even on my lunch sometimes)
So this will be helping my results also.
At the beginning of the teatox I was weighing 11 stone 13 pounds.
I weighed myself Friday morning and the scales showed that I had lost nothing!
As you can imagine I was highly disappointed by this. I felt healthier and like I lost weight so I couldn't understand why I hadn't even lost 1 pound.
So yesterday morning I decided to weigh myself again and this time the scales showed I had lost 3 pounds!
Now I'm happy with that and will take it as a starting point, but this week I plan to hit the gym harder and be more strict with my food. (I've had a few sneaky chocolate bars)
I now have 1 stone 11 pounds to loose by 6th June!

Me working hard at the gym!

So all in all I'm heading on the right track to loosing my goal weight before heading off to Egypt with the girls.
However I know when I finish Bootea I will need to keep eating healthily as well as keeping up with the gym.
What are your workout tips?
How do you manage to keep weight off that you've lost?
Let me know in the comments.
Until next time...


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