Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Review - Dinner at The Oxo Tower Brasserie

Hi Everyone,
So last night I was fortunate enough to go to
The Oxo Tower in London for dinner with my bestie from work.
We had managed to snag a deal on that meant we got
a 3 course meal plus a cocktail on arrival all for £30!
I know, shocking! It was too good to miss out!

On arrival we were greeted by the hostess who quickly took away our coats and had us
escorted to our table. We were so lucky that we managed to snag a table quite near the window, so the views from 8 floors up over The Thames were incredible.

Apologies for the bad photo - I only had my phone with me.

Once seated at our table we were told the cocktail we would be having would be a gin based cocktail
that was to die for!

Gin based cocktail with rosemary!

After that it was decision time on what to eat!

I decided to have the stilton salad followed by the salmon and the rhubard crumble for dessert!

Stilton Salad, Grapes, Tarragon & Garlic Crutons

Salmon, Tahini Yoghurt, Chilli Courgette and za'atar spice

Rhubarb Brulee with Orange & Liquorice Macaroons.

All the food was to die for. It all literally melted in your mouth, I was in food heaven.
My favourite dish was dessert but that's cause I love macaroons and had been craving some for the last few days. Also the brulee was cooked to perfection crispy sugar glazing on top and soft and fluffy on the inside.
The service also was immpecable, with everything being done with a smile and to the highest standard.
What even set the mood more was the live piano and singer that was playing some classic mellow songs.

It was a really nice evening and I couldn't fault a thing about it at all.

I would definitely recommend you trying The Oxo Tower, especially if you can get a deal like this one.
Unfortunately this offer is only available on bookatable until the 7th February but do check out their website as they have loads of other great deals at top class restaurants all over the UK.

Until next time...


Monday, 3 February 2014

How To...Plan A Girls Holiday

Hi Everyone,

So today is the first part of my "How To..." series.
In today's post I'm going to be showing you how to go about booking a girls holiday!

Now if you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen that I actually booked my girls holiday for this year.
We are off to Egypt on the Kiss 100 "Kiss Does Sharm" holiday which is a deal and a half!
Only 123 days to go!
We've got so good at it now that there was no fuss about a decision where to go or anything.
So I'm going to give you my top tips on how to book the best girls holiday you will ever have.

Top Tip Number 1.
Discuss your budget!

Now this may seem like a logical one but this is the first thing you need to discuss with your friends.
Some of you may earn more than others or some of you may be lucky enough to have your parents offer to pay some of the amount.
The holiday it self may be cheap but then you've got to pay for spending money, new clothes, insurance etc. 
All of this adds up, so make sure you all sit down and have a discussion about what you can realistically can afford.
Places like Marbella and Ibiza are going to cost a lot more than what Kos or Malia would.

Top Tip Number 2.
Do some research.
Now that you've all worked out how much you're willing to spend, it's time to start deciding on places to go.
Obviously if you are wanting a girls clubbing holiday then peak season is June to early September, so bear this in mind. 
Ring round some local travel agents and see where seems to be the most popular place to go to this season is. Don't get sucked in by the travel agent however to go and book through them just yet.
Once you've narrowed it down to a couple of places you can start weighing up pros and cons between them.
Also have a look on different flight comparison websites to see if it would work out cheaper for you to book flights and hotel separately rather than as a package deal.

Top Tip Number 3.
Don't expect a palace.
Let's face it most girls holidays are all about the going out in the nights and sunbathing by the pool or sea during the day.
You will hardly spend any time in your hotel room whatsoever, but don't expect to the lap of luxury that you may have got used to when going on family holidays.
You will be given the basics and that's is all you really need.
When looking for a hotel, I always look to see how far away is it from the nightlife as well as the beach. If they are around a 5-10 minute walk then that's really good option to take up!

Top Tip Number 4.
Be Prepared For Arguments.
Now this may be the first time that you have spent every living moment with your best mates for 7 days or more. You will soon start to realise that even though they are your bestest chum in the whole world, they will start to do something's that will irritate you sometimes. Especially when you've had a few drinks. It won't be the end of the world, you will probably forget about it by the next morning and be hugging and laughing again. Just don't take things too seriously and it will all be fine.

Top Tip Number 5.
Split Your Toiletries. 
As simple as this may seem, this will save you some pennies as well as give you extra space in your suitcase.
Divide up a list of who is going to bring what, let one person bring shampoo and conditioner and another bring the toothpaste and mouthwash. You will find that the weight of your case is also lightened 
(meaning yes you can take those extra pair of shoes)
Also split up who brings a hairdryer and hair straighteners etc, it just means that you won't end up with 4 pairs of curling wands sitting in your room and only one being used.

My Top 5 Girls Holiday Destinations

1. Ibiza - If you've got a big spending money budget then defo hit up the white island. I ventured over here last year for 5 days for the closing party season and had the best time of my life. If you house music then this is one for you, especially with the superclubs like Amnesia and Pacha. If you're 22 plus I would recommend going here as you won't feel so young!
Enjoying the sunset in Ibiza
2. Malia - I've been to the Greek island of Malia twice now. This was the very first place I went to on a girls holiday with 10 of my school mates. It was mental. I also went back there last year, I was a bit hesitant at first that it wouldn't live up to the last time I went, but it did and even more. It caters for all sorts music wise with clubs just playing RnB or Cheese. You will find all ages here from 18 up to 27.
Raving it up in Malia
3. Magaluf - This is one of the ultimate party destinations. It's literally non stop party here 24/7. I've been to Magaluf twice and enjoyed every single moment of it. Best place to stay here is Mallorca Rocks, they have live music acts during the season with people such as Example, Tinie Tempah and many more playing exclusive concerts that if you get a stage view room, you can watch from your own balcony!
Knocking back the shots in Magaluf
4. Kavos - Another Greek Party island! This one however when I went didn't have that many clubs that stayed open late and all the bars often shut around 4am, which after going out at bout 12/1am doesn't seem that long! The one thing that Kavos do know how to do is have an awesome foam party!
Enjoying the bar crawl in Kavos
5. Kos - Situated in the Greek Islands once again, this is a tiny little party resort, with the smallest strip of bars ever. However they do know how to throw a good party in the main clubs situated way up the back of the main road. (You do feel like you're walking into the middle of nowhere) I was in Kos for my 23 birthday and had a great time at the silent disco, which are now proving to be quite popular at holiday destinations like this.
Partying on my birthday at the silent disco

And there we have it my how to plan a girls holiday as well as my top 5 places to go!

Are you going on a girls holiday this year?
Where are you off to? Or have you been to any of the places in my top 5?
Let me know in the comments!

Until Next Time...

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