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Golden Globes 2014 - My Top 5 Best Dressed!

Hello again Little Ones,

Last night whilst here in the UK we were all tucked up in our beds, Hollywood's elite were hitting the red, or should I say wet, carpet; for the annual 71st Golden Globes Awards in Beverley Hills.

Now I've always dreamed of attending an event like this.
The dresses, the make up, the hair and the glamour just draws me in like a moth to a flame.
Come award season you can find me trawling through getty images looking at all the dresses as well as my twitter feed of my favourite celebrities!
I mean who doesn't want to see what designer Angelina Jolie is wearing, as well as having Brad Pitt on her arm.

The Golden Globes this year got off to a bad start with a apparent burst pipe leaking all over the red carpet, a mere few hours before the first celeb would be placing their stilettos on it.
Only this could happen in Hollywood!
However all was saved and as they say in the business
"The show must go on"

Today on my lunch at work was spent looking at different tabloids views on the best and worst dressed women. Some I agreed with and some I didn't.
So I'm going to give you my top five ladies who I think were the best dressed of the night,
as well as my top couple!

So my top dressed celeb couple goes to Channing Tatum and his wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum.
Image from
Channing is wearing Prada and Jenna is wearing Maria Lucia Hohan.
This couple prove the simple black and white theme can never fail!
With Channing sporting a simple black two piece suit that makes every girl swoon and Jenna in her white gown with the fishtail netting and lace detail, makes them seem like the prom king and queen of The Golden Globes!
Also you wouldn't think she just had a baby 8 months ago!

Now onto my personal best dress ladies of the evening.

At number 5 proving a little black dress is always a safe bet is
Emma Roberts.
Image from US Magazine.
Emma is wearing Lavin.
I love the draped shoulders on this dress which makes it a little bit sexy but not too much as well as it nipping down into the infamous mermaid tail at the bottom.
Emma oozes sassiness and elegance all at the same time!

At number 4 comes the beautiful Mila Kunis.

Image from public.ladmedia.
Mila is wearing one of the all time great designers Gucci.
With it's flower detailing around the neck and a waterfall sequin effect running down to past the hips, this dress has award ceremony written all over it with out being to over the top.
I love the silver colour as well as the waist band nipping her in tiny waist in so she doesn't look like she's wearing a sack.

In at number 3, staying true to love for old Hollywood Glamour is Taylor Swift.

Image from OK! Magazine
Taylor is wearing a Caroline Herrera design.
This dress was made to perfection for Taylor, proving that you can wear red on the red carpet and not clash!
I love the black bust as well as the amazing train on this dress, it instantly takes me to old school Hollywood, especially with her up do and make up!

Coming in at number 2, proving being pregnant doesn't mean you forget about looking gorgeous is 
Olivia Wilde.
Image from
Olivia is wearing Gucci, once again proving that Gucci is a topped loved designer for the award season over the pond.
I love the colour on this as well as it being a body con making Olivia show off her baby bump.
The sequins just make this dress pop! I often look at dresses like this one for around Christmas praying I has somewhere to wear one to.
The plain simpleness of this dress makes it beautiful for me and not too much for her being pregnant.
(Unlike Drew Barrymore, google and you will know what I mean)

And coming in at my number one spot, despite what the critics are saying, is
Emma Watson.

Image from
Emma looks dazzling in Dior.
As soon as I saw a picture of this dress it was love at first sight!
From the colour to the completely open back showcasing some cigarette style trousers, I can't fault this.
This dress oozes sex appeal proving she has come a long way from her days wearing robes around Hogwarts.
I love the fact that Emma has been bold with her choice combining a dress with trousers, almost makes me miss my days of a young teen wearing trouser skirts! 
I do however hope that fashion trend doesn't make a return.
Emma literally stole the red carpet in this Dior gown, everyone has been talking about it.
Whether you love it or hate it, you've certainly talked about it today!

Now I'm off to exercise insanely and put on my best award ceremony style gown whilst I sit and wait for my Oscars invitation to arrive. 
Well a girl can dream...

Who was your best dressed of the night?
What's your favourite out of my top 5?
Let me know in the comments!

Until next time...
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