Sunday, 29 December 2013

What I Got For Christmas 2013

Hello Little Ones,

I hope you all had a really good Christmas and are looking forward to ringing in 2014.

Today I thought I would share with you what I got for Christmas this year,
as I've seen on twitter there is quite a demand for this post.
I'm not here to brag about what Santa brought me, just merely show you all the fab gifts that I received. 

This is going to be a photo heavy post, also I've already opened and tried some of the gifts
as I'm way to impatient and today was the first chance I've had to photograph everything.

First up I'll start with my "Secret Santa" from my best chums.

 My friend Nicola had me and it's safe to say after opening these gifts she knows me rather well.
A few mini Soap & Glory goodies, perfect as I'm quite often on the go; as well as gift set from Lush Ltd containing Candy Mountain Bubble Bar and Rock Star Soap.

Nicola also got me a few Barry M nail varnishes as I'm constantly changing up my nails especially when I can't afford to get gel done.
She also included a few One Direction goodies! The pencils are coming to work with me and the lollipop will never be eaten! Nicola also got me a One Direction calendar which is now hanging up in my room for the next year!
Whoever gets me every year in our "Secret Santa" always gets me a Disney DVD, and this years choice was The Little Mermaid. I'm intending to watch this tonight after a bath as I'm currently nursing the flu.

My best friend at work, Danielle, who is also my team leader; bought me this lovely Ted Baker gift set from Boots.
I actually own the other wash bags in this collection so was thrilled when I opened this.
As well as it containing a few beauty essentials it also had a candle, which at the moment I'm obsessed with!

My nan bought me Soap & Glory's Yule Monty set.
I haven't photographed this as I know a lot of people received them for Christmas as
well as buying them for themselves.
It's all been unpacked and every product in there has already been tried out now!

From my sister I was lucky to receive Lauren Conrad's Beauty Book
and The Eye Core Collection from Real Techniques.

Both of these are definite essentials for any keen beauty enthusiast! 
I've nearly completed my Real Techniques collection now and will be sure to pick up a few tips from my 
role model LC about all things beauty related!
(If I learn anything amazing I'll be sure to let you know on here)

Now come all the little bits from my Mum.

MAC's Midnight Eye Collection
Make Up Brush Cleaner
Vanilla Scented Candle from Bella Sorella
Christmas wouldn't be Christmas for me without something from MAC's Christmas Collection.
This year I received their Midnight Eye collection which included a paint pot, gel eyeliner, extreme mascara and eye brush, all bundled up in a really nice make up bag. 
I will definitely be using that make up bag in my hand bag.
My other Bella Sorella candle had just run out before Christmas, so I was quite happy to see that my Mum
had purchased me another.
The scent on this candle is amazing, and I can't wait to burn this throughout January.

I got two main presents from my Mum this year!

Yes! I finally got the Jo Malone Perfume I had been begging for since I can remember!
It's the Blackberry and Bay scent and it's love at first spritz.
I was so overwhelmed when I saw that my mum had got me this as for ages she had been saying that I could "dream on" about receiving it for Christmas.

Mum also got me this beautiful tan DKNY purse.
I had asked for a new purse but wasn't expecting to receive a designer one so was thrilled when I saw this.
It's got lots of card slots to hold all my cards, as well as nice big change zip pocket.
I truly love it and know it will last me for a good few years.

Last but not least was my present from my Dad.

After dropping hints about my old laptop running out of memory and being really old.
(It was with me from my last year of uni) 
my Dad said he'd go halves with me on a new laptop. Now I did toy with the idea about getting a MacBook
but I had also heard really good things about the new Google Chromebooks.
After a little research I decided to get the Samsung Chromebook, and I am loving it!
It's super speedy and already had blogger installed!
This now means I'll be able to blog at home instead of during my lunch at work, so hopefully I should be able to make post more frequent in 2014.

What did you all get for Christmas?
Let me know in the comments.

Until next time...

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