Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Save the Blow Dry - Review

Hello Little Ones,
Today I'm bringing you a review that
I've been saving until I got my hair done.
The lovely people over at Save The Blow Dry* 
sent me across their new product to try!
So what is Save The Blow Dry?
Let's keep this simple...basically its a shower cap,
but not any kind of shower cap.
This one stands out above the rest, not only because of how it looks
but because it promises to eliminate moisture and maintain that bounce and volume that
you've worked so hard to get.

After having my hair dyed red I knew washing as frequent would make the colour fade,
meaning that this great little product comes in handy on those days when my hair needs to stay dry and looking fabulous.

See that's actual proof of how fabulous I look!
It really does work, I can't say any more than that to be honest.
Save The Blow Dry also has dual usage which makes it even more great.
The inside of the cap has a towelling lining which when using a deep hair mask or treatment you can turn the shower cap inside out and wear it to ensure there's no mess as well as it giving heat to make the hair treatment work better.
Something I've found amazing when I treat my hair to a coconut oil mask twice a month!
Got to keep those locks looking lush, especially when it gets to this time of year.
I would highly recommend anyone to buy
Save The Blow Dry
as it really does work.
As an Essex girl who is constantly on the go with work and socialising
this definately comes in handy when I'm in a rush but still wanting my hair to look fabulous.
So what are you waiting for?
Until Next time...



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