Monday, 2 December 2013

Monthly iPhone Photos - November

Hello Little Ones,
Let's have a look at the snaps I've taken this month.

1. Night out with some of the girlies to celebrate Cole's Birthday.
Dress is from eBay.
2. A little Halloween face paint from a party I went to.
3. First Starbucks Christmas cup of the season!
4. I'm a Cereal Killer!
5. Make Up look for Firework Party I had at my house.
6. A little picture quote I found somewhere on Twitter.
7. My natural festive nail look.
Using Barry M Peach Melba and Gold Glitter.
8. Throwback of my first day at school. EVER!
9. My last ever photo of me with blonde hair.
10. My new hair!
11. Having a few cocktails with my Mum after a hard days shopping.
12. Trying out Lush's Candy Mountain for the first time.
13. One Direction's new album that I've been listening to non stop.
14. Enjoying a Saturday night in with a glass of wine and some smelly candles.
15. What I try and remember when I'm having a really bad day.
16. A little sneak peek of something I'm working on for a guest post!
And that's this month's iPhone photos!
Until next time...


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