Friday, 6 December 2013

Guest Post - An Australian Christmas

Hi Everyone,
I'm Greta from Flourish Blog!
Today I'm going to be telling you all about what Christmas is like in Australia!

I grew up with all the traditional notions of Christmas: white snow, reindeers, jumpers and fireplaces. However, the reality is radically different. Christmas in Australia involves warm, balmy nights, the beach, backyard cricket, and a constant buzz of mosquitos. Basically, there's a greater chance of Santa dashing through the surf and sand than the snow! 

My family has a tradition of meeting for lunch at my Noni's house each year on Christmas Day. Given the fact that I have over 40 cousins, aunts and uncles combined, it makes for quite a celebration. We usually combine a mix-matched collection of tables and chairs in the backyard, and all bring a plate of food to share. Although we have all the traditional christmas food such as turkey, ham and roast veggies, we also eat copious amounts of seafood, collected at the crack of dawn at the Sydney Fish Markets. In over 35 degree weather, prawns are often much more appealing than Christmas stuffing. I've never eaten a mince pie, and the idea of eggnog seems bizarre to me. However, I'm presuming the idea of laminations as desert (sponge cake cut into squares and covered in chocolate and coconut) is equally as strange in a white christmas setting. 

Lunch is then followed by backyard cricket (where the rule is that there are no rules), and the rest of the night is spent lounging around in swimmers in the last glimpses of sun. Boxing day usually means a trip to the beach for the majority of families, complete with ice-cream, fish and chips and inevitable sunburn. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, wherever in the world you are! 

xox greta 

Ps. the above photo was taken at my local beach, we had a few very funny looks while taking it! You can find the cupcake recipe on my blog too, they're chocolate and orange, and perfect if you have some fussy (gluten-intollerant) eaters like me! 
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