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Guest Post - The 12 Garments of Christmas

Hey Guys,
There has been a theme on Lola’s Wonders this week as I’m sure you can tell. To follow suit with that here I am, Row Bow, from What Row Chose… (, here with another Christmas themed post. I’m here to show you 12 essential garments to see you through the special days during the festive season.

Christmas Eve Coats
Christmas Eve is the perfect time to go for a wonderful walk in the snow with the family or join the neighbours in a magical midnight mass. But I’m sure we’re all very aware that it gets a wee bit nippy in the winter, and this year is meant to be the harshest to date! These winter warmers will keep you toasty and trendy, terrific!

An oversized boyfriend coat is great as it will go over everything which is perfect-o for an unexpected last minute Christmas Shopping trip! What’s stylish and sophisticated is an extra large faux-fur trimmed collar coat. It’s more practical than a total faux fur coat but still looks sensational. My final coat choice is something I’m pining for myself and has been sitting in my shopping cart since Ariana Grande wore it the day after the AMA’s. With a plaid pattern its super similar to the current tartan trend, and the baby pink base colour ticks the pink coat trend too but in cape form.

Christmas Day Jumpers
They were once a garment of pure novelty, but now Christmas Jumpers are becoming a statement trend in a right of their own! Whether you rock a Reindeer Print or have fun with Fair Isle, everyone has their signature Christmas jumper style.
This blue Fair Isle is an easy-going introduction to the novelty knit. I like the use of the blue and white main colours with the Christmassy red as an accent colour. This mix of colours doesn’t overtly scream CHRISTMAS!!!, but rather is a gentle welcome to the festive season. If you’re more of a Christmas in your face kind of person, there’s nothing more obvious than a big reindeer on your chest. I like the speckled grey effect that Rudolf rests upon. Finally, what’s better than dressing up as an elf on Christmas day? Although it’s a men’s jumper I think that it could look pretty cute on us girls too. Just an Elf hat and you’re ready you par-taaay!

New Years Eve Sequin Dresses
New Year’s Eve is the last time in 2013 that you’ll have to get really dressed up and party hard! On the other hand it is the first time in 2014 anyone will see you and you want to look mighty fine. I can’t think of anything better than celebrating in a snazzy sparkly dress.
You could chose to keep an essence of the Christmas just gone and chose this red sequin dress. I love red dresses as I think they give the classiest look and connote a ‘vixeness’ idea. Or this green high neck also has an inkling of Christmas tones in it. The shape of the dress and tone of green brings back major memories of the 90’s for me. I used to own a velvet corduroy cropped t-shirt in the EXACT tone and shimmer of this dress. And for that reason I totally love it! But if you want to totally erase Christmas from the party and focus on bringing in the New Year/ Starting a Fresh/ Turning Over a New Leaf try this two-toned blue sequin dress. I love the pattern created by the variety of sequins used, it totally reminds me of the reflection of the sea. Űber twinkly!

New Years Day Smart Collars and Cuffs
New Year is the day to (at least attempt to) be bright eyed and alert as you meet with family members to wish them good tidings for the New Year. I like to smarten up and pretend that I am totally at one with the world and not totally whacked with tiredness from the night before. I ADORE my collars on a dress and this is the perfect way to smarted up a cute dress. 
I feel this black dress with a white collar and cuffs is a classic monochrome colourway and a great imitation of Victoria Beckham’s style. The looser skirt completes the girly but sophisticated fashion. Velvet is such a festive fabric, I think, and the red sheen matched with paler Peter Pan collar gives a really sweet impression. I can imagine accessorising with a long thin black ribbon and tying it around under the collar. Yep, I am defo feeling that! Finally the twelfth garment of Christmas is a smart two-piece combo dress. Dresses like this are great if you’re trying to go a little more relaxed but still want to be chic.

And those are my 12 Garments of Christmas for you so go forth and shop my lovelies; I’m defo out to get myself a couple of things from the list! Don't forget to have a look at my blog What Row Chose...
Oodles and Toodles
Row Bow

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