Friday, 1 November 2013

My iPhone Monthly Pics #1 - October

Hello Little Ones,
I've decided to do a monthly series all about my iPhone pictures!
Each month I'm going to pick 25 of my favourite pictures and give you a sneak peek into what's being happening in my life!
I don't know what I'd do without my iPhone camera, it's the perfect way to catch those unexpected moments!
And especially with Instagram now you can jizz up your photos to make them look a million times better!
So lets have a look at October's selection!

1. This is my home made red velvet cake with coco dusting, I love baking in the winter months.
2. I was in charge of dinner one night so decided to whip up an omlette for everyone!
3. Oh another food picture! This was my healthly roasted veg and salmon.
4. Okay so this isn't a photo myself I've taken but that I took a screen shot of from the internet. Me and my friends are obessed with this vine! Its to Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball and they are using the cat as the wrecking ball! It's so cute and funny!
5. I'm always finding quotes on twitter and saving them to my camera roll, I found this one when I was having a bad day at work and felt like it was speaking to me.
6. Manicure time! I loved this gel manicure I got before I went to Jersey for the weekend.
7. Nothing like a glass of wine at the airport before going to catch up with some old friends.
8. One of my closest friends from Uni got engaged a while back and this was the first time we had seen the happy couple. So bubbles and a toast were essential.
9. I recently went to an interview which didn't go to well and on the way home this quote pop up on my twitter timeline! It couldn't be more apt!
10. I got so excited when I saw that my local Tesco was stocking Irish food! These are the best cheese and onion crisps ever and remind me so much of my childhood summers.
11. This was sent to my sister as a hint of what I would like for Christmas from her. We both love Harry Potter and quite often send each other pictures relating to it.
12. Getting into the Halloween spirit here, I decided to use a Sharpie and draw on my satsuma to make it look like a mini pumpkin! Everyone at work found it highly amusing.
13. A cocktail in a jam jar...need I say more why a photo was taken?
14. I organised a team building event for my work by taking us bowling at All Star Lanes in Holborn. This is my pal Madi getting really into the bowling here!
15. All the chums together watching The Mobo Awards
16. And then this happened...a big spooning session! Yes we are rather close!
17. All my worldly possessions boxed up as my room was getting decorated. It felt so odd to see everything fit into so many boxes.
18. My room all empty. It was quite sad to see it like this after 15 years of it being decorated the same way.
19. My room half way through being decorated. I must say it looks a lot more cleaner now.
20. Oh a selfie! Off out to lunch here with the chums.
21. And this is what happens when you let a bunch of 20something girls run loose in Toys R Us
22. Christmas hats must be worn at all time. We will be purchasing them for our Christmas meal.
23. All the chums together on a travelator!
24. Candle corner in my new room! Nothing better then lighting a few scented candles when you get in from work. I can't wait to get out my Christmas scented ones in a few weeks.
25. And finally me with my Halloween make up at the Wonsuponatime event in London.
So that's this month's photos!
Let me know if you've enjoyed this post and if you want to see more in the future
and what your favourite photo is!
Until next time...

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