Tuesday, 5 November 2013

A Day At The Races!

Hello Little Ones,
Hope you all are wrapping up warm as the weather has turned extremely cold here in the UK now.
Perfect excuse to get out those chunky knits.
On Sunday I had even more of an excuse to wrap up warm as I was off to the the races.
Now I'm not taking about fancy horse racing,
I'm talking about Banger Racing!
Think old cars racing around a dirt track whilst crashing into each other.
Our view for the day.
Now I was a bit dubious about what I had let myself in for.
I'm not really an outdoorsy type of girl and much rather spend my Sundays tucked up under the duvet watching Downton Abbey.
However when my chum Emma asked a few of us if we wanted to come along to Arena Essex to watch their annual Firecracker event, I said yes.
Reason for saying yes...Fireworks!!
At the end of the day they have a huge firework display and who doesn't love a firework display?

Even though it was sunny, it was still freezing.
We all wrapped ourselves up (I had a vest, a shirt, a jumper, a hoodie and a coat on) and headed off out early to get a good seat.
Once we had pitched up an area, Emma's stepdad took us all to have a look around the pit.

The pit area was filled with all the cars doing last minute work so they could pass the safety test so they could race.
It was crazy the amount of people there working away on their cars.
Now I did think I was going to be flinching everytime the cars started crashing into one another.
But this wasn't the case, Stacey and I got very involved shouting and screaming when they started to demolish each other.

There was all in all 10 races.
The only thing I had a problem with was that I couldn't work out how you knew who won?
With all the crashes and restarts I had no clue how the official worked this out.

After being covered in dust from head to toe, the fireworks started.
And they were magical like all fireworks displays are.
They also made me instantly want to go to Disneyland.
I have no pictures of the fireworks unfortunately as my phone battery had died completely.
This day out was extremely fun and something I thought I wasn't going to enjoy as it's not something I've ever done or wanted to do.
However it did teach me that I need to say yes to more things that I would usually say no to.
Just because something may not be up your street doesn't mean that you may not enjoy it.
Specially when you're with your friends.
I love days out with my chums and we've got a few more planned for the rest of the year.
Until next time...

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