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Soap & Glory - Review

Hello Little Ones,

I'm back!
And once again apologies for not posting in so long! 

So today's post is all about the wonderful Soap & Glory!
Now I have quite a few of their products and thought why not do a review of my favourites!

First up is the Sugar Crush Body Buttercream.
I've never been really big on moisturising until I was introduced to this Soap & Glory one. From its sweet lime smell to how easily it goes on, I can't fault it at all! The front on the packaging says its "moisture-extreme re-energizing" and it most definitely is! Specially after using it both Ibiza and Malia after a hard day tanning I found that this has really helped keep my tan longer and stopped any peeling! If you are wanting a new moisturiser then I would look no further as it's good quality at a reasonable price!

Oh but you want a body wash to go with the moisturiser? Well you are in luck little ones!
Yes they also do a body was in the same Sugar Crush range!
Once again the smell is delicious, whenever I'm in the shower and use this my mood is instantly lifted. Specially when I use the moisturiser after. 
The packaging states "Lather a small amount of Sugar Crush Body Wash..." And I couldn't agree more. This body wash is extremely foamy, a small amount goes a long way meaning you do feel extra clean after using it!
I think the smell of both the above products are going to remind me of this summer so much!

This is Soap & Glory's Slimwear. What does that do, I hear you all asking? Well according to the products blurb it states
"An amazing puff-draining peptide balm that firms, contours, smoothes and reduces the appearance of cellulite"
Basically you rub the cream into your thigh area once in the morning and once in the evening and it will help reduce your cellulite and firm them up! However it does state that you still need to maintain a healthy diet and exercise.
Now I've only used this a few times during the summer when my legs were out everyday, but I did notice a slight improvement in the cellulite appearance around my thighs as well as really enjoying the peppermint smell of the cream. For something I purchased on the clear out shelf in Boots I can't complain, however maybe next summer I'll be able to use it a bit more!

I want to thank Lexi at Introducing Lexi for introducing me to the above product!
It's my new skin care saviour!
This is The Ultimelt.
A deep purifying hot cloth cleanser.
Now I've only used this three times since I purchased it a week ago and the difference in my skin is amazing. As soon as you place the hot cloth (which is included) on your face you can instantly see and feel how smooth and clean your face is. 
Not only this but the smell of the cream is really invigorating. It included sweet almond, orange and lavender oils.
My favorite time to do this is on a Sunday evening and give my face a proper deep facial with this product by massaging it into my skin for at least 3 mins. 
As the box says "Who needs a facial when you can stay at home..." 
And I couldn't agree more!

Last but not least is one of Soap & Glory's make up products.
Now I've never tried any of their make up products before but Boots were having a buy one get one half price offer on all make up and beauty and I was in desperate need for a mid price range price concealer as my usual Benefit Boi-ing concealer was being scrapped around the pan to get the crumbs out of it. 
Now I was drawn into this concealer as it is a three piece camouflage concealer kit.
Step one (on the left) is the under eye brightening concealer. So just a small dab of this under both eyes to help hide any dark circles or redness. I've tried this once but as I usually use Rimmel's wake me up concealer for this area as I find it brightens the under eye area a lot better.
Step two (on the right) is the superwear face concealer. This is basically for blemishes and any redness on other areas of your face that you want to cover up. This goes on really nicely and blends in really well to help cover up and spots and blemishes, a bonus when you get breakouts like me.
But what I like most about this product is Step Three, concealer sealing powder. You just apply this over the areas you placed the other two concealers and this helps keep it in pace all day. Which is exactly what you want when it comes to hiding any blemishes and dark circles.

I also love this product as it's a handy size, perfect for your handbag in case you need any touch ups!

And that's the review of all my Soap & Glory products that I love!
Let me know what your faves are and if you're going to try any of the products I've reviewed. 

Until next time...

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