Saturday, 10 August 2013

The Most Magical Birthday EVER!!!!

Hello Little Ones,

I am so so sorry I have neglected you lately but I have been so busy with my holiday, then celebrating my birthday as well as changing positions at work!
It's all been a bit hectic, but don't you worry I'm now back and will be striving to update on a weekly basis.
I've got a few things up my sleeve that I'm currently working on! One being my YouTube channel!
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Three weeks ago I celebrated my 25th Birthday!
Yes I am officially a quarter of century.
My birthday eve was spent with my mum, little sister (Taylor), Emma.M and her mum and sister.
We went out to dinner at a beautiful restaurant called The Brickyard which has been featured on TOWIE. It was quite low key but Taylor and I still managed to have a few cocktails!

The next day was my actual birthday and I was spending the day with Taylor.
We had booked to got the Harry Potter Studio Tour, so got up early had some breakfast, opened my cards and then headed off!
Both Taylor and I are huge Harry Potter fans, we were both so excited to go there and had been texting and tweeting each other about it for months! We got there and were both wetting ourselves with anticipation about what we were going to see!
Whilst we were in the foyer, one of the staff there came up to us and gave us one of the Harry Potter Passports that are basically little tasks for children aged up to 12 to complete on the tour! However because we were jumping around like crazy she thought we might like one, we then told her it was my birthday and I got given a special "It's my Birthday" Harry Potter badge that I wore all day. Due to wearing the badge I then got Happy Birthday sang to me by everyone in our tour group in English and in French! Oh the shame!!!

I also got to open the doors into The Great Hall.

The whole tour was amazing, from start to finish. You never realise when your watching the film the amount of detail that is put into everything on screen, and when I say everything I mean everything. From maps to letters, to coins to sweets!

Half way through the tour you are taken to an outside courtyard, where you can try the delights of infamous Butterbeer. Butterbeer is only sold in two locations in the whole entire world. One is here at the Harry Potter Studio Tour in the UK and the other is Harry Potter World at Universal Studios in America.

 Now Butterbeer is an odd thing to describe. The froth tastes like butterscotch but the actual drink tastes a bit like flat coke with a funny taste to it! I loved the taste of it but Taylor didn't, so I ended up drinking half of hers as well!

I could rattle on about how amazing the whole tour was and how knowledgeable all the staff were that worked there! But I reckon you'd all probably get bored, so instead here are a few pictures I took that I love the most!
The Great Hall as the doors opened 

The Weasley's Burrow

Hagrid's Bike and sidecar. Taylor makes a great Hagrid

All aboard the Knight Bus!

Taylor hanging out Privet Drive

Hogwarts Bridge

Just cast a spell on Godric's Hollow

Gringotts Bank

Just popping in to get my wand at Ollivanders!

Of course I'd find Taylor outside the Weasley's joke shop!

Hanging out in Diagon Alley

The full scale model of Hogwarts.

It was literally the best day ever and it was finished with a trip to Selfridges to purchase some macaroons, Lola's cupcakes and spend some of my birthday money on the MAC counter.

I also did purchase some goodies at Harry Potter!
I bought Hermione's wand, a chocolate Frog and Bertie Botts every flavour beans!
All of which are now up on show in my room and I love them all specially the packaging of the sweets.
I had one of the best birthday's ever and also got to celebrate it again with all my best girl chummies on a night out in Brick Lane two weeks later! (I can't remember much of the night so I won't bore you with the details!)
I think the best way to sum up my whole birthday is the picture below!

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Until next time...

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