Saturday, 31 August 2013

The September Issue

Hello Little Ones
I have some big news for you all!

Like Vogue has a September issue, I thought why can't I?
Basically each day I'm going to be bringing you my outfit of the day!
I've got a few things planned social wise in September, so I thought this would be an awesome thing to share with you!

So if you want to take part in this bumper Lola's September Issue
You can just follow me on twitter @lolaslittleblog 
& use the hashtag #LLWSepissue 
You can also Instagram me your OOTD 
Using the same hashtag as above! 

I'll be posting my weekly favourites of the ones I receive!!!

Until next time...


Wednesday, 28 August 2013

V Festival Fashion and Fun

Hello Little Ones,

So last weekend I ventured off to V Festival in Chelmsford with 7 of my lovely pals! Now I've been to V Festival for the last 2 years and was looking forward to going as one massive group. We had a lot of drink and food to keep us going for the weekend and were all very excited to see what Beyonce would have in store for us.

I'm not going to give you a detailed run down off every moment that happened during the weekend cause this would be one very long blog post. So I'm just going to post a few photos of my OOTD as well as what some of the other girls were wearing.
Denim Dungarees Dress From Topshop £30
White Embellished Shirt From H&M £20
Aztec Brown Boots From Florence & Fred Tesco £22
Bowler Hat From Topshop £10
Above is day one's outfit I'm the last on the right. I'm really sorry but I didn't get a proper OOTD photo this day due to all the excitement, trying to get the ten up and seeing what was about. I really liked this outfit as it was quite comfy as well as on trend at the moment.

Nicola - Dress from Forever 21
Me- Plaid Checked Shirt from Forever 21, Graphic T from Forever 21 and Shorts from H&M, Hat as previous Topshop
Stacey- Graphic T from Primark, Skirt from Primark
My outfit for the second day I loved so much.
The plaid shirt has leather detailing on the shoulders as well as being long enough to wear as I am or on its own with jeans. The tee I wore underneath has got a lot of comments. The print is actually of a felt material which I think makes it seem a bit more pricey. My shorts are my staple go to high waisted pair, they are of a washed out acid denim style with jewel detailing along the pockets and down the sides. I wore on my feet my burgundy nike blazers with some frilly socks and had my leather backpack to store all my festival essentials.
We were lucky enough to spot a celebrity.
David Witts who plays Joey Branning on Eastenders.

And this is me a bit drunk waiting for Beyonce
who was half hour late.
I was wet from the rain and getting grumpy by this point.
Stacey- Dungarees Dress from Primark
Me- Aztec Jersey Dress from Primark
Nicola- Grey Jersey Top from Forever 21, Shorts from Primark
Emma- Dungarees from Primark, Jersey Top from Primark
Jenny- Playsuit from, Denim Shirt from Primark
I think we all look super cute as well as being right on the festival trends in the above photo. 
I loved most about this outfit was my hair that Emma did especially for me.
Flower Headband from Primark £4
Emma had but my hair in an really big bun style and then put my flower headband around the bun itself. By this point my hair was starting to get a bit horrid so this was perfect for the day.

And that's it really.
It was such a good weekend and I was non stop laughing from start to finish. It makes you realise that if you have great friends you will make great times together.

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Until next time...

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Beauty Haul For £20

Hello Little Ones,

Today I decided to set myself a task, to see what I could get beauty product wise for just £20! 
Now I thought I wouldn't get much for money really as the cost of beauty products that are good do cost quite a lot!
But I was surprised with I was able to buy

First of all I went to Boots, I was after some face wash for the evenings as the Clean and Clear face wash I currently use is for mornings only. So I was on the hunt for something to use in the evenings.
After trawling up and down the aisles of the skincare products I found this little gem.
Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pore & Shine Wash
on offer at Boots currently at £2.99
As it was one special offer I thought why not, seeing as that is how I found my current face wash. Now it says it's meant to "unclog pores & mattify skin, providing a flawless-looking complexion" If it does do this I will love it forever. It also smells absolutely delicious. It has a tangerine & lime smell and for those of you who know me quite well should know I love the smell of lime at the moment. 

Pretty much next to the neutrogena products I saw this staring at me
Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active
Make-Up Remover
on offer currently at Boots for £3.32
Now I'm really bad for taking my make up off in the evenings, I'll just wipe a face wipe over my face half asleep as I'm rolling into bed and not even check if everything has been taken off properly. Which then causes more hassle in the mornings.
This is apparently a new product from Garnier and is a purifying gel. So it helps get rid of blackheads as well as removing your make up, including waterproof!
Now I'm hoping I this does help my skin as I always seem to get spots on my chin area, which isn't attractive and seems harder to cover up due to eating and drinking during the day. So you're constantly reapply concealer which leads to more spots!
You can't win either way!

I also picked up this
Barry M Gelly Nail Polish
in 334 Blueberry
£3.99 from Boots
I'd been after this colour nail polish for a while now and just caved in and bought it. I usually have my nails painted with gel professionally but I haven't in a few a weeks and found that I wanted a light pastel colour that would tire me over until they get painted next week.

I then went to Superdrug, to basically just buy my cotton pads as I've just run out. I did have a wonder around the make up counters as I wanted to see if Sleek had anything good that was of a reasonable price.
Instead I ended up buying this
Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer
in 020 True Ivory
£5.49 from Superdrug
I've only heard good things about this concealer and as my benefit industrial concealer is literally scraping the pot, I thought I might as well give this a go and see if all the rumours are true regarding it.

So that's basically what I managed to get for my £20...
oh I did also get a Cool Lime Refresha from Starbucks in this £20 as well. A girl has got to keep hydrated when shopping.
In total i spent £20.78 including my Starbucks, which I think is pretty good for a mornings shop!

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Saturday, 24 August 2013


Hello Little Ones,

So today I uploaded my first video ever on YouTube.
Now I found this to be quite a daunting thing to do, putting yourself out there on the internet for all to see.
So I sat down and for weeks I thought about what I could do for my first video.
I thought about doing a review of some new make up products, just a straight forward vlog and loads of other stuff. But in the end I thought the best thing would be the 25 Things About Me Tag. 
In fairness I actually found it quite hard to think about 25 things...
So if you want to see some semi interesting things about me then click the link below

Also other things bloggy, I have got lots of ideas written down and I'm planning to get ahead of myself with them this weekend so I can have them scheduled up to post.
It's hard working a 9-6 city job as well as trying to fit in all this blogging and a social life to blog about!

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Saturday, 10 August 2013

The Most Magical Birthday EVER!!!!

Hello Little Ones,

I am so so sorry I have neglected you lately but I have been so busy with my holiday, then celebrating my birthday as well as changing positions at work!
It's all been a bit hectic, but don't you worry I'm now back and will be striving to update on a weekly basis.
I've got a few things up my sleeve that I'm currently working on! One being my YouTube channel!
Yes I'm starting up my vlogging channel so you now follow me along when I'm doing exciting things!
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Three weeks ago I celebrated my 25th Birthday!
Yes I am officially a quarter of century.
My birthday eve was spent with my mum, little sister (Taylor), Emma.M and her mum and sister.
We went out to dinner at a beautiful restaurant called The Brickyard which has been featured on TOWIE. It was quite low key but Taylor and I still managed to have a few cocktails!

The next day was my actual birthday and I was spending the day with Taylor.
We had booked to got the Harry Potter Studio Tour, so got up early had some breakfast, opened my cards and then headed off!
Both Taylor and I are huge Harry Potter fans, we were both so excited to go there and had been texting and tweeting each other about it for months! We got there and were both wetting ourselves with anticipation about what we were going to see!
Whilst we were in the foyer, one of the staff there came up to us and gave us one of the Harry Potter Passports that are basically little tasks for children aged up to 12 to complete on the tour! However because we were jumping around like crazy she thought we might like one, we then told her it was my birthday and I got given a special "It's my Birthday" Harry Potter badge that I wore all day. Due to wearing the badge I then got Happy Birthday sang to me by everyone in our tour group in English and in French! Oh the shame!!!

I also got to open the doors into The Great Hall.

The whole tour was amazing, from start to finish. You never realise when your watching the film the amount of detail that is put into everything on screen, and when I say everything I mean everything. From maps to letters, to coins to sweets!

Half way through the tour you are taken to an outside courtyard, where you can try the delights of infamous Butterbeer. Butterbeer is only sold in two locations in the whole entire world. One is here at the Harry Potter Studio Tour in the UK and the other is Harry Potter World at Universal Studios in America.

 Now Butterbeer is an odd thing to describe. The froth tastes like butterscotch but the actual drink tastes a bit like flat coke with a funny taste to it! I loved the taste of it but Taylor didn't, so I ended up drinking half of hers as well!

I could rattle on about how amazing the whole tour was and how knowledgeable all the staff were that worked there! But I reckon you'd all probably get bored, so instead here are a few pictures I took that I love the most!
The Great Hall as the doors opened 

The Weasley's Burrow

Hagrid's Bike and sidecar. Taylor makes a great Hagrid

All aboard the Knight Bus!

Taylor hanging out Privet Drive

Hogwarts Bridge

Just cast a spell on Godric's Hollow

Gringotts Bank

Just popping in to get my wand at Ollivanders!

Of course I'd find Taylor outside the Weasley's joke shop!

Hanging out in Diagon Alley

The full scale model of Hogwarts.

It was literally the best day ever and it was finished with a trip to Selfridges to purchase some macaroons, Lola's cupcakes and spend some of my birthday money on the MAC counter.

I also did purchase some goodies at Harry Potter!
I bought Hermione's wand, a chocolate Frog and Bertie Botts every flavour beans!
All of which are now up on show in my room and I love them all specially the packaging of the sweets.
I had one of the best birthday's ever and also got to celebrate it again with all my best girl chummies on a night out in Brick Lane two weeks later! (I can't remember much of the night so I won't bore you with the details!)
I think the best way to sum up my whole birthday is the picture below!

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