Saturday, 8 June 2013

Welcome to my blog

Hello Little Lolita's
Welcome to my blog!!
My blog is going to include everything from
days out,
 nights in,
dating woes,
fashion tips
beauty reviews!
But who am I?
Well I'm Lola, 24 and live in that little place called Essex!
But no I am not your typical TOWIE girl
however I do love nothing more than getting glammed up for a night out.
I think the best thing for me to do so you can get to know me better is for me to list a few of my likes and dislikes...
               Likes                                                                                    Dislikes
 Starbucks Vanilla Lattes                                                                    Snakes
         Taylor Swift                                                                 Staying in on my own
          Forever 21                                                                                Working
         Harry Potter                                                           Not finding that perfect outfit
Made in Chelsea & TOWIE                                                            Geordie Shore     
       MAC Make-up                                                                          Crying babies
          Pop Tarts                                                                                    Brocolli
That's enough about me....if you want to find out more then please subscribe to my blog!
My next blog will be all about my recent trip to Thailand!
Should be up within the next week...
Laters Taters!

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