Thursday, 27 June 2013

Thailand Part Two

Hello my Little Ones,
So this is part two of my adventures in Thailand.
We woke up after the half moon festival at 7am ready to get the first ferry across to Koh Tao. However I wasn't feeling particularly great that morning due to the beverages had the night before. Now this ferry trip was not as smooth sailing (see what I did there) as the last ferry! Cue travel sickness tablets being taken last minute on the boat, unfortunately they didn't work. I was extremely sick and Nikki also didn't feel to clever either; but after over an hour on the boat rocking around we finally made it!!!
Koh Tao was the smallest of the islands that we stayed at, however it was the most beautiful.
As we were only in Koh Tao for two days we decided our best option was to go on an excursion so we got to see all that the Island had to offer! Most of the excursions here are all involve snorkeling or diving as this island is the one of the best places in Thailand to do this.
 Now I'm not the best swimmer but I must say I did really enjoy the experience, however after thinking I may have seen a shark I decided I would rather stay on the boat and be the photographer.
Whilst on the trip we were taken to a lovely little island called Koh Nang Yuan. This is a little island about 5 minutes from Koh Tao and had the most beautiful beach I've ever seen in my life! We decided that we were going to climb up to the viewpoint to see the island fully. After my last try of climbing up to a view point I was more determined this time to make it to the top!



This is my favourite photo of the entire holiday, I'm planning to get it put on canvas for my room as I love it so much.

All in all Koh Tao was more of a relax compared to all the hustle and bussle of the first two islands. I enjoyed wondering the little streets at night and just basically chilling out with the girls having a few giggles in the room and by the pool!

Next up was our final stop of the holiday, massive sad faces for all of us, which was the capital Bangkok. But we had to make our way back for one night in Koh Samui before catching our flight to the big city.
This night in Koh Samui was eventful to say the least! We turned up at our last minute booked hostel to find we were right above a club and the room was tiny! However our main mission for the night was to do some shopping as this is where we had seen the best fake designer bags! So off we set down the main road all excited to find some good bargains when all of a sudden all the lights went out all the way along the street and in all the shops and bars. We were in complete darkness! Most of the little shops and restaurants don't have back up generators so they can get the lights back up working, so we tried to look at some of the stalls and shops by torchlight. However we couldn't really see and thought the best option was to get something to eat then hopefully after dinner the lights would be back on.
How wrong we were!
Over two hours later there was still no lights hardly anywhere, but that didn't stop me finding a bargain. I managed to find myself two really good knock of Mulberry Bayswater style bags. One in black and one in grey! I love them both so much!
We got back to our room hoping that the hostel would have a back up generator, so we could have a shower and get some sleep. Unfortunately it didn't so we were in the hottest room ever trying to go to sleep before getting up at 4am for our flight, with really loud music being played from the club downstairs. I can't say it was my best nights sleep!!!
But we did eventfully make it to Bangkok to our very posh hotel with the most comfiest beds ever!
Our first day in Bangkok however did not go at all well. Yes we got scammed by a tuk tuk driver!
The plan was to go to Chinatown as I really wanted to have a look at all the market stalls as well as reading that the food there is some of the best in the whole of Bangkok. Due to this we ended up stopping off at the 7eleven and buying a bottle of vodka as well as loads of sweets and crisps for a girls night in the hotel room.
This is what they call drowning your sorrows.
We woke up the next morning with our determined faces on ready for a day of sightseeing around the palace and temples, as well as hopefully making it to Chinatown. And we actually did make it! The Grand Palace actually cost a lot of money to get into and Big Budhha was shut that day so we decided it wasn't really worth it. But we did visit Wat Pho and The Golden Mount.
The Reclining Buddha
Our fetching green robes!

Can you spot Cole


The Grand Palace Grounds
Climbing The Golden Mount in the heat wasn't fun!

The view was worth it though.
And we even made it to Chinatown! This was a feast for the eyes, ears and nose. We were all so amazed by everything here and kept telling each other to look here, look over there. It was definitely my Bangkok highlight. Whilst wondering the market stalls we found a box of 12 OPI style nail varnishes in a set for a bargain price of £2.50. I was amazed by this and we all bought a box each.






After this it was back to the hotel to get glammed up for an evening of cocktails, all you can eat buffet and then we were going to hit one of the markets to get some last minute bargains which included a Michael Kors watch and bag, a Chanel bag and the whole range of MAC make up brushes. This was definitely a successful shopping trip to end the holiday.
The next morning we woke up all bleary eyed trying to shove everything into our backpacks as it was time to go home. I was actually so upset by this that I nearly decided to just stay out here forever as I loved it so much.  This was definitely the best holiday and experience I ever had in my life; and I got to do it with my two best buds!!!
So that's it my holiday to Thailand...I hope you enjoyed!
I will be trying to make a little vlog of the trip as well on YouTube as I did take some videos.
Until next time...


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