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Thailand Part One

Hi Lolitas,
So I recently got back from one of the most amazing holidays ever to Thailand. I was even more fortunate that I got to go with my two best friends from school, Cole & Nikki. It was just what I needed as I had gone through a bit of a rough time before it, unsuccessful operation on my arm and a break up, so I was definitely looking forward to escaping everything for a couple of weeks and focusing on myself.

Here’s a little pic of us on the plane! All ready and raring for our 16 hour flight!

The flight was long and if wasn’t for the fact I could watch Les Miserables on the flight I think I may have resorted to drinking a lot of free booze.

Once we landed we made our way to our hotel for the night which was right next to the airport as we had another flight at 6am in the morning. This hotel was stunning and was just what we needed after being crammed in a plane for so long.

Excuse the mess of the room, we were so tired by this point we were ready to collapse but we still managed to fit a cocktail in to toast the start of the holiday.
Next day it was up at 4.30am to go and catch a flight down to Koh Samui.

I can’t really remember much of the flight due to be so sleepy after travelling for nearly 24 hours.
Once we got to Koh Samui it was a taxi to the hostel where we would be spending the next three nights. The hostel was okay, nice and basic but we weren’t too thrilled about sharing a bathroom. But we weren’t there to spend the whole time in the hostel, we were here to explore all what this island had to offer!!
The first day was spent exploring the main strip and the beach as well as popping into a little travel agent to book an excursion for one of the days. As it was our first proper night of the holiday we decided to get glammed up and go out for a nice dinner and then hit the bars. I think the pictures pretty much sum up how our night went!

The best day in Koh Samui was when we did the excursion around the island, we got to see Big Buddha, Grandfather and Grandmother rock, the mummified monk, The Secret Gardens and we got to meet and ride some elephants. We also saw an elephant show as well as crocodile, snake and parrot show; however we didn’t particular enjoy it as we felt the animals were being treated a bit badly. Here’s a few pictures to sum up the day.
Big Buddha
My new buddy

GrandFather Rock (yes it is what you think it is)
The Mummified Monk

That evening we went to the best restaurant, I personally think, of the whole two weeks; Ninja Crepes. It was a little open planned authentic Thai restaurant that had the best food ever! We all picked a few things off the menu and shared them. What I loved most about this place was the fact that it had an open kitchen and you could see them cooking the food as well as getting all the delicious smells wafting through.

Pad Thai, Sweet & Sour...mmmm

All in all Koh Samui was a great start to settling into the Thai lifestyle. Which is basically laidback so much you could sleep all day. However we did feel like it was basically a more hyped up version of Magaluf or Kos etc due to all the bars etc; but we still had an awesome time.

The Beautiful Pool

Next we had to try and make it across on the ferry to Koh Phanagan where we had planned to stay the most amount of time, 5 nights. We were all a bit anxious about getting the ferry as we all suffered a little bit from sea sickness. However the ferry crossing was quick and smooth. Once we arrived we went to our next hostel, Beach Village Backpackers situated in Ban Taai. All I can say about this place is WOW!!! We had a little shared beach hut right on the beach and next to the swimming pool. Whilst staying here we made friends with a German girl called Vicky, who had just finished travelling around Australia for ten months. She was really lovely and she joined us a lot of the time on nights outs and trips.
Our Little Beach Hut

The hostel also had some really cute doggies, that Nikki was totally in love with!


Koh Phangan was packed full of things to do!! We went on three excursions in three days as well as hitting the waterfall party and the half moon festival.
I’ll start with the excursions first!
One excursion was to the Angthong National Marine Park. This is basically 40 islands spread out over a section of the Gulf in between Koh Phangan and Koh Tao. We were able to go snorkelling, kayaking, climb up to the view point where you can see all 40 islands (I only made it half way, climbing rocks in flip flops in 40 degree heat aint my thing!) as well seeing The Emerald Lagoon, which was actually featured in the film The Beach.

Nikki & Cole Snorkelling

On the walkway at Emerald Lagoon

Emerald Lagoon. Unfortunately you can't swim in the water here

The viewpoint. By this point I had been nearly attacked by a snake whilst
Cole and Nikki were seeing this amazing view.

Of course we had to write our names in the sand!

The other two excursions we did were quite similar. They included lots of different activities including zip lining over the jungle, archery, seeing one of the waterfalls (which currently had no water due to being dry season), elephant trekking, a visit to the temple, snorkelling (which were only able to do one day as the heavens open onto us as we were on a traditional Thai long boat, to say we were wet would be an understatement)

My highlight was the zip lining and the elephant trekking. The zip lining was an amazing experience. I had never done anything like that and was a bit dubious if I was going to be able to due to my little T-Rex arm but I was! The feeling of dangling like 100 plus feet in the air over the canopy was unbelievable. I wasn’t able to take any photos as I was too scared I’d drop my camera but I can assure you the view were amazing.

Nikki was so scared, bless her!

The elephants at the sanctuary we went to look liked they were well looked after, although I cant 100% guarantee that as I can only go by what we saw. This trek was my favourite out of the two we did. The elephant walked through a massive lake, the water was nearly up by my feet & I was on the biggest elephant!

People who know me really well, know I love elephants and have frequently asked my mum if we can get a pet one for the garden. This was a dream come true being able to meet a real life elephant up close and be able to touch them, feed them and ride them! I was in love with them. I can’t remember what this guys name was but I called him Fred!

Now onto the parties!!
The parties in Koh Phanagan are a surreal experience full of bright clothing, neon paint and buckets of samgson rum. We went to the waterfall party first,  after a few vodkas in the room we got the taxi deep into the jungle. Once we got there we got all painted up by some lovely talented Thai ladies.
Before we left

Totally in the party mood now!

All painted up!!

The atmosphere at this parties are amazing, even better then a festival. Unfortunately the music wasn’t really up any of ours streets. So we only lasted about 3 hours before we left as we had to be up early the next morning.
The other main party that we were told we had to go to as we were missing the full moon party, was the half moon festival. Now this was set right in middle of the jungle, when we got there it was swarming with people all wondering around with their little buckets filled with different mixtures of alcohol. Once agian like the waterfall party the music wasn’t great but this time we had drunk quite a bit of alcohol before we got there whilst we painted ourselves with some neon paint that we had bought.
The enterance
Being creative with the body art

All painted and ready to party!!

We literally danced all night, until I ended up a little bit too drunk and the girld very kindly took me home to bed!

I'm gonna end my post here for now my little this is getting rather long and I've probably bored you all to sleep now.
But stayed tuned Part 2 will be up soon!
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